Penitentes en Cuenca by José Ortiz Echagüe 1940



  1. WOW! What an amazing, mysterious and powerful picture this is!!! I wonder what it is all about?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's Cuenca in Spain.

    Some informations:
    Situated not far from Don Quixote country, more or less halfway between Valencia (approx. 206 km) and Madrid (180 km), Cuenca (Spanish for 'basin') is perched high up on a striking plateau between the rivers Júcar and Huécar. While the modern part of the town is mainly made up of your average 20th century Spanish urban sprawl, the walled old town, with its incredibly steep and winding lanes, stunning views over the nearby countryside and one of-a-kind casas colgadas ('hanging houses') is a UNESCO world heritage site and a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2016.

    Semana santa (the week leading up to Easter) is fiesta time here, with crowds lining the streets day and night to watch the conquenses (residents of Cuenca) enact traditional hooded penitents' processions. The idea is that people can repent for their sins without being recognised and subsequently gossiped about by nosy neighbours. Nowadays it's a social as well as a religious event, with what seems like most of the city's families turning out on their allocated evenings, carrying candles and dressed somewhat eerily in robes with only their eyes visible through their head coverings. This can seem pretty disconcerting to the uninitiated, but the presence of small children and even babies sporting mini robes or other religious outfits lends the whole scene more of a cutesy element than was originally intended.

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  3. Hace menos de una hora he pasado por este mismo lugar y he tratado de revivir esta imagen...

    1. Yo estoy loco por saber desde dónde se sacó esta fotografía. Pero no hay información ninguna. Me la puedes proporcionar. Gracias.

  4. You were there ! What a chance sdp !