The Clark Sisters 1850



  1. I always thought Farrah Fawcett was pointless. Thank the gods she came along and saved us from HAIR LIKE THAT!!!

  2. You're right Marcheline, hairs like that are very ugly :)

  3. You can sure tell that they are sisters. They all look so neat and tidy in their best dress.

  4. Thanks for your comment The Queen Vee : )

  5. Frances Benjamin Johnston wasn't born until 1864. She did not take this photo, but it is one she owned. It is a half-plate daguerreotype taken by an unknown photographer of Johnston's grandmother and aunts. Per the Library of Congress, which holds the original: "Accompanying note in case on stationery of the Arts Club of Washington, in handwriting of Frances Benjamin Johnston identifies sitters (l-r): Aunt Harriet Allen, Aunt Ladonna Hoy, Grandma Joanette C-B, Aunt Julia Millard, Aunt Laura." In other words, they are: Allen, Harriet Elizabeth Clark,--1818-1863; Hoy, Ladonia Charlotte Clark,--b. 1827; Benjamin, Joanette Clark,--1814 or 1815-1880; Millard, Juliaette Alcesta Clark,--b. 1820; and Palmer, Laura Miles Clark,--b. 1822.

    I love your site and your hobby.

    1. Many thanks for the information Steve :) I change the title right now!