Dovima with elephants by Richard Avedon


Dovima, née Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba (1927-1990) est un modèle américain. Remarquée en 1949, elle figure notamment sur l'un des plus célèbres clichés de l'histoire de la photographie de mode, Dovima et les Éléphants, prise par son compatriote photographe Richard Avedon. Elle apparaît également dans quelques séries télévisées.

Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba (1927-1990), later known as Dorothy Horan, and best known as Dovima, was an American model during the 1950s.


  1. This shot is often attributed to Parkinson - who did photograph Dovima - but I do not think he would have condoned the chained legs - - he was a great animal lover ( although he did breed Pigs for his Porkinson Bangers in Tobago - I remember visiting his Farm near Henley in the UK whilst I worked for him in the early 1960s - where he took many of his most gentle shots - and observing hoards of happy piglets with their mothers - romping in the straw and in the orchards )

    1. Many thanks for the information Angela Williams !!