March 06, 2013

Mikhael Mordkin and lovely dancers by Nicholas Haz c.1920



  1. If you don't mind my asking, what is the source of this photo and has it been authenticated that the male is, in fact, Lon Chaney?

    I think it looks like him. But, some time ago, there was a big debate in one of the fan forums as to whether it's him or not. The membership was divided about 50/50.

    1. I found this picture on Tumblr (click on the link "via") and there is no original source. So sorry, I don't know if it's really Lon Chaney or not.

  2. This is not Lon Chaney. It is Mikhael Mordkin, a Russian ballet dancer, who in the late 1920s started the Mikhail Mordkin Dance Company which was later reorganized into the American Ballet Theater (not with him). I know this because my mother is in the photo.