Mary MacLaren in Shoes 1916


SHOES (USA, 1916, 60 mins, 35mm)
Accompanied by : Dennis James
Directed by : Lois Weber
Cast : Mary MacLaren, Harry Griffith
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  1. “The restoration in 2011 of Lois Weber’s SHOES is based on three different source materials: Two tinted nitrate copies from the collection of EYE Film Institute Netherlands (1150m and 85m) and one safety print from a shortened sound version called UNSHOD MAIDEN from 1932 (280m), held by the Library of Congress. The nitrate prints are affected by bacteria resulting in many white spots all over the images and severe nitrate deterioration. In the short sound version, the left edge of the image is cut off by the soundtrack. However, this print contains some short but important scenes, especially in the crucial last reel of the print. These are now reinserted to the film in order to reconstruct the most complete version. The edited material is then scanned for digital restoration. The images are stabilized and most of the bacterial spots are removed to allow a calmer viewing experience. The only available intertitles were the ones in the Dutch print. These are translated and digitally recreated, using the font of the Dutch titles as a reference. Finally, a black and white negative is recorded back to film, from which the new color print is struck, using the Desmet method, simulating the tints of the nitrate print.”
    Bron: internationale nieuwsbrief van EYE

    “The digital restoration of the Lois Weber film Shoes (USA, 1916) will premiere at Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival
2011. Although Shoes was photo-chemically duplicated back in 1990, severe bacterial infection of the nitrate print and other signs of emulsion decay made EYE consider a digital restoration attempt this time. The result, also including some missing footage from the abridged 35mm sound re-issue print held at the Library of Congress, is a more complete and less visually flawed version. Of course, where the emulsion was already gone, nothing could be done to repair the damage. The new version is a Desmet color print and uses the tints of the Dutch vintage print, and has newly inserted English inter-titles. On June 26th 2011 Shoes will be accompanied live by Maud Nelissen. Shortly after the premiere at Il Cinema Ritrovato festival the film will be presented at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival on July 17th.”
    Source: international newsletter EYE 23-6-2011.

  2. I knew Mary MacLaren very well, in the last years of her profound life. Shoes was one of her early films. Book 2 will have her photos from early films and near her passing. It comes out next month. Book 1 is out now. LILLIAN GISH -Anecdotes ... Lillian Gish reflects on Mae Murray, Pola Negri, Nazimova, Mary Pickford, Marion Davies, Mae Marsh